Be Calorie Wise for Popular Take-Outs

You may be doing more take-outs than usual during these times.  Knowing the calorie counts of the food you order is one way to manage a healthy diet. Restaurants with 20 or more locations must make the calorie counts of their offerings available to customers.  They can be found on menus and on eatery’s web sites with even more nutritional data. Here are some examples of the calories counts in foods at popular chain restaurants. Keep in mind that the average adult’s intake should be about 2,000 calories.  To have a little fun, see if the people in your household can guess the number of calories in the food items below.

Domino’s –Slice of Handmade Pan Crust, Pepperoni Pizza/300 calories

Taco Bell – Quesadilla, Steak/520 calories

The Cheesecake Factory – Slice of Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake/1,220 calories

TGI Friday’s –Loaded Potato Skins appetizer/2040 calories

Panera –Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich/670 calories 

Dairy Queen – A large Chocolate Shake/920 calories

McDonald’s – Sausage Biscuit with Egg/530 calories

Burger King – Cheeseburger/280 calories

Arby’s – Smokehouse Brisket/600 calories

Shake Shack – Double Smokeshack/870 calories

Red Lobster – Seaside Shrimp Trio/1220 calories

Popeyes – Spicy Chicken Sandwich/700 calories 

Dunkin’ – Apple Fritter/510 calories

Perkin’s Pancake House – French Toast Platter/620 calories

Subway – Ham & Cheese Fresh Melt/520 calories 

Wendy’s – Large Natural Cut Fries/500 calories

Olive Garden – Fettuccini Alfredo dinner entrée/1310 calories

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Chicken Pot Pie/720 calories

An excessive intake of calories that your body does not utilize in your daily routines can cause a weight gain.  To compare your intake to exercise, here are some calorie burning numbers for an average sized person who weighs 155 lbs. They have been posted by Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School and are calculated for 30 minutes of activity. 

Moderate calisthenics/167 calories

Bowling/115 calories 

Swimming: general/223 calories

Moderate stationary bicycling/260 calories

Walking/149 calories

Running/406 calories

Golf (using cart)/130 calories

Kayaking/186 calories

Aerobics (low impact)/205 calories

Tai Chi/149 calories

Tennis: general/260 calories

Elliptical Trainer: general/335 calories

Choose your meals well and exercise wisely. Stay healthy and enjoy!

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