A Night of Readings with the Long Island Medium

I was expecting a noticeable change in the room, maybe it would grow colder, or lights would flicker, but nothing of the like as Theresa Caputo, aka The Long Island Medium took the stage at the Landmark Inn in Port Washington, New York.  There was, however, much electricity in the air, more from the excited crowd than by the work of unseen spirit.  In a black flowered dress, 3” heels, rocker-style hair and nails out to there, Theresa stood before the 300 or so guests and introduced what she does (in case someone just sailed in from Siberia), that she passes messages from loved ones on the other side to friends and family in the physical world.  “I may say something that resonates with many of you here,” she said, “and we should take that as a message from our loved one even though I may only focus on one of you.”

The night was special in that it was a fundraiser for a Long Island charity, Safe4Kids which works to educate the public on childhood allergies, and also because Theresa’s appearances are usually at much bigger venues.  This small-group made up of 90 percent women, 9 percent men, and 1 percent children, were in for a real up-close Theresa experience.  With a cameraman following behind her, and stage hands handing out mics, crouching along and trying to stay out of the way, Theresa got to work. She began on stage right.

Her audience readings begin in a variety of ways, “Who lost a father…a mother…a brother?”  Or an ailment, “I am getting brain tumor, or something with the head.”  Or even the age of the passed love one, “Spirit is showing me a baby, which could also mean that they passed before their time.” And sure enough there is 1, maybe 2 or 3 that raise their hands, shyly, not sure they wanted the spotlight, but not wanting to miss this chance to get closure.  For almost two hours, Theresa gave close to a dozen personal readings, but even if you weren’t chosen, her caring and genuineness was evident.  When she explains that their relative is at peace, are free of illnesses, and wants us to release any “shudda, wudda, cudda’s,” we can all take some comfort in that.

Theresa’s particular gift, to this reporter, is how she reads to children.  There were two families in the audience that lost very young children, and she spoke to the siblings, reminding them that their brother or sister was seeing everything that happened, that the ones on this side should not feel guilty about having fun, and that they should remember them as healthy, and free of pain on the other side.  And, that they are always with them.  In a few instances, Theresa was able to dig deeper into a reading, get so specific, spoke of something so unique and personal that whether you believe in mediums or not, there was no question that more going on than meets the eye.

Theresa meandered through the crowd, cracking jokes as she went, calling her show more like a “comedium-ship.” While a few jokes fell flat, the one that drew the most laughs was her explanation that her humor doesn’t always work to every audience.  She explained to a group of Canadians, one time, that the big screen behind her would broadcast the readings, meaning they wouldn’t have to strain their necks to watch. “You’ll save yourselves a lot of copays at the chiropractor.”  No response.  To which one Canadian raised their hand and asked, “What’s a copay, ay?”

This is Theresa’s third fundraiser for the organization, one that is extra special to her.  “I am so happy to help bring awareness to such an important cause. My manager, hairstylist, and security/friend all have children with life-threating food allergies, I don’t think people realize the severity of this,” she said after the event.  Kerrie Walsh,executive director,  the Safe4Kids can’t thank Theresa enough for her time and talent.  “We are so grateful to Theresa Caputo for her continued support for the food allergy community.  She has been so generous with both her time and money. In addition to the fundraising events, she has made several donations to our nonprofit. These donations have afforded us the opportunity to produce an educational video for schools and childcare providers and help defray the cost of training teachers and support staff.”

There’s no denying that she is beloved by her fans, though some question her gift.  In her reality series, there are testimonials after testimonials from those who had a private reading that were so intimate and detailed, that allowed real closure to begin.  However, when you see her work with children, calming their fears, allowing them to express their grief, reminding them that life goes on, and they must go live their life to the fullest, you know that there’s a lot of good going on.

Long Island Medium


The group photo was taken backstage at the event and features Safe4Kids staff, with Theresa’s manager Courtney in the middle, in blue.

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