The Poet’s Corner – To Do List

Maybe pare it down to essentials,
take away what you don’t need,
one by one.
The clutter of obligations,
the bragging rights of being too busy,
the determined drive to finish every task.

(Nothing is ever finished).

Cross these off the list.
And then?
Choose nothing.
Allow moments to feel complete
without those frantic underlines of ASAP
and get-to-it and I need it done yesterday.

(Yesterday, a handful of air).

In the space you give yourself,
this blank sheet of open to possibilities
and uncertainty,
it will come.

(Welcome serendipity).

Then you’ll be ready
to add things back in,
one by one.
Chosen by heart’s desire
and dreams too long deferred,
and by hope.

(Always hope).

Top photo: Bigstock