Aries Season 2022: Align with Your Inner Fire

Spring is here! From the Earth new life blooms as we celebrate the fresh renewal of the Spring Equinox on March 20th. We shake off the winter cold and walk into the warmth of Aries season, the Astrological New Year.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Guiding not only our will and instincts but our very sense of self— our purpose, our passion. All that creates the Ego.

Aries energy proclaims, “I am here!”

The Astrological New Year jump-starts us with this powerful sense of inner strength; one that we can constantly feel deep within ourselves to remind us, “I am alive,” “I am powerful,” “This is me.” We know that our inner strength can get us through anything.

This Cardinal Fire sign initiates action, is ruled by Mars, the Warrior planet, and is symbolized by the Horned Ram— barreling headstrong towards its opponent. The Ram also promises renewal, when the animal’s thick fleece is shorn it always grows back. Connect with Aries energy by trusting in the instinctual power of your inner fire, your horns, your warrior— passionately tackle all the new year brings!

The first cosmic shift of the New Year occurs on March 27th, when Mercury, the Communicator, moves into the part of the sky known as Aries. Again, this calls for headstrong convictions in your communication— maybe even blunt honesty. Of course, this can cause confrontation, but Aries, the Warrior, does not fear conflict. Stay connected to your truth. Later on April 10th, Mercury will move into Taurus, grounding us in this truth. Here we can find more stability, trusting that our communication with others will bring sustainable growth.

On March 31 we have the New Moon in Aries. New Moons are always a time to cleanse, clearing out what no longer serves us and making room for new intentions. This intention is perhaps the most important because it’s the first of the New Astrological Year and should be related to the root of your being.

Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

Remember, though Aries is Ego driven it is non-judgmental. Aries accepts differences, confrontations, and challenges as part of life.

Think of two great athletes competing against each other; though they may not be playing for the same team, they can respect each other. And after one is declared the winner and one the loser, they can both walk away with their heads held high, knowing the outcome does not diminish their sense of self, their inner value, and the fight they gave.

Similarly, Aries’ confidence comes from within. A headstrong, honest, and outspoken sense of self may scare others— or maybe even scare you. You may worry about what others will think when you boldly express yourself. But do not fear: Be brave and let your inner fire fuel your outer passions!

On April 5th, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves under Pisces. We can begin to see how our relationships are transforming on an emotional level. As you expand your sense of self this Aries season, you may use this Venus shift to reflect on your relationship with yourself. How are you loving yourself? What forms of self-care are you practicing? How can you let go of insecurities? How can that self-love be part of new, greater beginnings?

Our inner warrior will transform as Mars moved under Pisces. Ask yourself: What have you been fighting for? How is that battle changing you? Who have you become as you overcome personal challenges?

Finally, all this energy comes to a culmination with the Full Moon in Libra on April 16th. The Full Moon brings heightened energy for everyone, both individually and collectives; therefore some may look to embrace this energy, others may choose to shield themselves from it as not to become overwhelmed. Whatever you decide, the Full Moon is here to guide you through the darkness of night.

If you set an intention during the New Moon, now is the time to reflect and see if that aim has been fulfilled or needs more time to grow. Have you achieved your goal? Do you see a clear path ahead? What questions have you gained clarity on?

How has your understanding of self given power to your inner warrior?

The Libra Full Moon’s energy aids us in this process of self-transformation by finding balance. Libra is symbolized by the Scales Of Justice— always working to balance itself to a state of peace, equality, and harmony. Likewise, in your Aries pursuit of a strong, healthy Ego, a confident sense of self, and an innate inner fire, you must also find balance.

Do not let this Ego give way to narcissism or selfishness. Also, do not let your headstrong confidence stop you from asking for help when you need it. Remember to accept the support of others. Under the guidance of the Full Moon find the balance between your internal and external world, your needs and the needs of others, your personal desires and your given responsibilities.

This Astrological Forecast brings a powerful opportunity to align with a strong sense of self— to be courageous and confident with your intentions and resolutions. How can you begin to take balanced, purposeful action to meet the New Year head-on?

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