Creating an Online Dating Profile

Experts complain that the internet has reduced our personal interactions. However, online dating sites provide one of the most useful ways to improve our interpersonal connectedness. There are many sites that can help you get in touch with the local dating scene, but to be successful at meeting your match, a good profile is essential.

A Good Bio is a Must

Creating a good screen name that makes you shine and stand out from the other profiles is key. Make sure you pick something that gives viewers of your profile a small idea about you.  It also can be a simple way for your date to break the ice. Try using a play on words in your name or a humorous pun, goofy or completely silly can also work. This is a dating profile, not a CV, so you have a lot of freedom to pick something meaningful but also really funny. It’s very important to avoid any sexual references. It leaves the wrong impression and may attract someone you do not want to know.

An attention grabbing headline, one that will give your profile the chance to make a good first impression, is important. A movie quote or a few lines from a book that is meaningful to you will help viewers learn about you in a quick and lighthearted way. Perhaps a brief summary of some unusual or funny experiences would be more to your style, and that also works well.

Telling a short story in your Bio will also give your viewers some interesting insight into your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and personalities. The more details you provide the better.

Be open and honest in your intentions. People who will see your profile must know from the start what you are interested in finding. If you are looking for something more long-term, do not hesitate to mention that. Perhaps include some information on your occupation and age to give your would-be partners a good idea if they will be compatible with you or not.

Nice Profile Pictures are Important

Eye contact establishes you as a reliable and trustworthy person so make sure you look into the camera when you take your first avatar/profile picture. Some of the best photos will have you gazing straight at the camera and giving it your full attention. This, by proxy, will give your viewers a clear idea of your face and even your magnetism.

Make sure you smile for the camera. Polls have shown that people respond more positively to a full, teeth-visible smile in comparison to a sexy smirk or pout. An open smile conveys a more accessible personality and a more happy-go-lucky person. When on dating sites like Cupid Dating , for example, do not include only pictures of you smiling.  Add some dimension to your profile and include a motif of poses and photos.

There is no better time than Spring to begin focusing on a new relationship.