Gemini Season: Find Your Divine Duality

Try this exercise: Write a mantra for yourself. This should be a short “I” phrase that states something positive you wish to affirm or make clear, solid, and bring value to in your life. For example, it could be simple, “I am resilient.” “I am forgiving.” “I am beautiful.” or more specific, like “I am capable of achieving my daily goals at work.” Write the phrase down and hang it near your mirror. Next, every morning look at yourself in the mirror and state the mantra 3 times. Do this for a month. Soon you will begin to solidify this positive thought in your mind; so when you are feeling insecure you can remember it and shift your focus back to the positive self-thought.

This mirror mantra practice is great for Gemini season (May 22-June21)— all about mirroring your internal and external worlds.

This season invites us to cultivate empathetic positive self-understand and self-talk, so that we may expand that kindness to others. Here we can create our own reality from the inside out, or if you prefer, the outside in.

That means surrounding ourselves with people, places, and experiences that bring us genuine inner joy. And equally treating our inner selves with compassion and love so those feelings can reflect outward. In doing this we create a balanced exchange between our inner and outer worlds.

Author and acupuncture healer Imetai M.M. Henderson, D.O.M. writes, “Developing a kind internal dialogue is a good start at commencing a stronger relationship with our inner energies. As we are nice to ourselves, it is interesting to see that our external relationships also become sweet. Which leads to the conjecture that perhaps everything we experience emotionally, as happening to us in the outside world, is a primary projection mirroring how we treat ourselves in the inner world.”

Gemini is the first Air sign of the Zodiac; it dispenses information and knowledge through intellectual exchange. Social, creative, perceptive, versatile, and upbeat. They are natural storytellers and gathers of information; willing to share, contribute, and get involved with whatever and wherever the wind takes them.

Air signs typically have a difficult time staying grounded. For Gemini, this could mean being flighty, gossipy, scattered, judgmental, or invasive. This is unfortunately why Geminis sometimes may be perceived as two-faced or untrustworthy. We can overcome these shortcomings by being purposeful and aware of our words and actions, to avoid oversharing or oversteping our own boundaries or the boundaries of others.

This self-awareness is supported by the Mercury Retrograde (May 20th-June 4th). A planetary retrograde is when a planet seems to be moving backward in the sky from our perspective on Earth. In Astrology, we understand this as a time of reflective, slower-moving energy, calling us to turn inward for a deeper awareness of our intuition and indirect messages.

Therefore when Gemini’s ruling sign of Mercury, the Communicator, is in retrograde we should become more mindful of our words and opt to listen closely to the messages around and within us. Remember, good communication requires patience, clarity, and a genuine interest to listen, learn, and be open to others.

For the May 30th New Moon in Gemini, we should set intentions that seek to create a mirror between our inner and outer selves.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, one mortal and one immortal— representing the human and the divine, the soul and the body, the emotions and the actions. Reminding us there is a divine duality in all things.

If our inner self, meaning our spirituality, our emotions, and our mental health, are in turmoil our outer world, meaning our relationships, our environment, and our physical health, will mirror this chaos or sadness. And vice versa. Therefore it is important to nurture, honor, and value the needs of both our inner and outer selves. For the New Moon, you may set an intention to develop positive thoughts, feelings, and self-talk, like using mirror mantra practice. You may wish to be more open with your emotions to your close friends and family, while simultaneously becoming a better listener. Or spend more time with like-minded positive relationships or indulge in hobbies that further enrich your inner and outer life.

Ask yourself: How can the Twin nature of my being work together? How can my inner and outer worlds harmoniously reflec each other?

Next, the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 14th, bringing these intentions to wholeness. The Fire sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, holding a tremendous amount of expansive energy and enthusiasm. It seeks freedom, action, and desire— led by faith and a drive to say, “Yes!”.

This ambitious and individualistic Full Moon in tandem with the Gemini’s social and dynamic energy brings great potential to actively fulfill our goals, discover personal joy, and flourish.

Not only that but with Mercury no longer in Retrograde, we should feel a push of forward momentum in our communication, relationships, and knowledge. Indulge in how your inner and outer worlds have expanded and brought you greater consciousness, clarity, and happiness. You may use this energetic time to express gratitude to others and to yourself.

Ask yourself: What fills my heart with joy? What gifts do I have to share with the world? How has my newfound intuition and experiences expanded my dualistic Twin sense of self?

This Full Moon’s extremely active energy may be overwhelming for you— and that’s okay! You may opt for even deeper personal reflections and gratitude; find clarity in where to personally dedicate your mind, body, and spirit. Remember, to check in with yourself in whatever way feels best for you.

I invite you to begin this Gemini season by writing and repeating your positive “I” mantra; then mirror that positive energy to yourself and others. In doing so we can all continue to share in inner and outer kindness, empathy, and joy!

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