Five Don’t-Miss Candle Companies Founded by Women

In my cozy mystery series, the Nantucket Candle Maker Mysteries, my protagonist, Stella Wright, runs a thriving local candle business at her store, the Wick & Flame.  She not only loves how a candle scents a room, but also how it helps people concentrate, find inspiration, or pause for reflection.  As such, candles are a great gift to send someone during these difficult times.  Whether your loved-ones need a break from a house full of people or are coping with isolation, they can benefit from a candle’s warmth and fragrance to help relieve anxiety.

As a woman, Stella is not alone in building a business based on her passion for candles.  Women are behind many of today’s most innovative candle businesses.  Below are five highly innovative companies founded by such go-getters.

Columbus, Ohio

I met Pink Moon’s founder, Natalie, at a farmer’s market in Germantown while on a book tour, and I am now on my second of her two-wick candles.  As Natalie explains on her website, Pink Moon candles are Reiki charged with love and kindness, and every component is hand-crafted with thought. From keeping the materials sustainable to pairing the natural scents, every element has been deeply considered.  

Blue Diamond Candle
Pink Moon’s Blue Diamond Candle is a 100% soy candle, hand poured into a porcelain bowl with a contrasting blue and white design with a blue rim. Scents of lemongrass and rosemary essential oils (100% plant derived and no synthetic fragrance). Natural clear quartz crystal tumbled mini stones, a terminated natural clear quartz crystal, and a cotton wick (no added toxic metals) embedded in each candle.  $32

Brooklyn, New York

Started by Abigail Cook Stone, a fellow alumna from Columbia Business School, Otherland candles “bring the energy of art, design, and fragrance to every moment at home.”  Abigail started her career at Ralph Lauren, which is not hard to imagine when you browse her stylish inventory.

Scent Sampler
Not sure which scent to choose from this online store?  Order the sampler set which delightfully double as coasters.  You’ll be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. And you’ll probably fall in love with the designs and colors as much as the scents! $6 to 36


Teri Johnson

Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.

Sugar Hill
As a native New Yorker, I purchased Sugar Hill because I admire the neighborhood for which it’s named. There were many other tempting options to choose from on the Harlem Candle Company website, but I had no regrets when the sweet aroma of Sugar Hill wafted across my room,  That said, I intend to buy Ellington next as its inspired by Duke and his music. $45


Valentine Pozzo di Borgo, owner of the perfume brand Pozzo di Borgo, and heiress of Givaudan, the finest perfume creator in the world, is the founder of Quintessence Paris.  

These candles might make it to your travel Bucket List. Nestled in the heart of Paris, visitors to Quintessence follow an olfactory tour through an imaginary private Parisian mansion. Two scents correspond to each room: one for daytime, the other for night.

Oeillet Royal

  • Top notes: Pepper, Elemi, Marine Note
  • Heart notes: Carnation, Ylang Extra, Turkish Rose Oil
  • Base notes: Jasmine abs Egypt, Musk, Cinnamon


The company was started in 2004 by Julia Leaphart in her kitchen. As she explains, she founded her business as a way for her to connect with a childhood spent in a small town in the foot hills of the Himalayas and a need to earn a living for herself and her young daughter. She began pouring candles into wooden containers bought from India and selling them at local antique shows and craft fairs. The company grew from there as it found its niche selling high quality artisan candles.

Driftwood Tray Candle
I love everything from Anthropologie, which is how I found these candles.  The grapefruit pine scent and unique driftwood holder combine for a lovely candle experience. $78.00


  • A burning candle should not be used as a nightlight.  If you’re feeling sleepy, blow it out!
  • Keep your candle 2-3 feet from your stuff and put it on a flat, sturdy surface… especially if your furry friends like to stare at flames with uncanny devotion.

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