Getting Rid of Dust

While dust is the perfect catalyst for allergic reactions, getting rid of it is a tough job. You might have tried the typical cleaning methods, but by far its pretty clear to you that this vicious cleaning cycle is never truly going to end, especially when we are talking about dust.

So how do you control something that is, in fact, in the air we breathe and in the wind that blows?

The true answer, You can’t.

Dustbusters are a perfect solution if you only need to clean plain surfaces, but let’s face it, there are certain areas that can’t be reached with these hand-held cleaners. So for those pesky corners and tough surfaces, here are some easy dust-busting tips at your service:

1. Microfiber for Screens

LED screens, monitors and just about everything with static electricity is a dust magnet and by the end of the day, you can even draw your own graffiti on the screens, thanks to the amount of dust that has settled. So in order to get rid of dust on such surfaces, you need to get yourself a microfiber cloth and use it for these static-charged surfaces. This cloth is cheap, readilyavailable, and will do the perfect job in one go.

2. Busting the Dust-gang in Corners and Door Frames

Dust, spider webs and all sorts of filth makes their way into the corners, moldings and door frames. While the reason for its existence may not be clear but as a cleaner, nothing would satisfy your internal OCD more than cleaning these areas. Therefore, let’s drop the laziest yet the most genius idea known to mankind- take your old sports sock, flip it inside out and place it at the end of a mop pole. This custom duster will aid you in reaching out to the smallest and most restricted areas easily and will wipe off any dust immediately.

3. Pillowcases

Ceiling fans can be a home to dust bunnies, especially after a long winter break. Plus, ceiling fans appear to be just a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and dusting. Here is a lazy-yet-genius hack. Simply, slide in a pillow cover on the fan’s blade and slowly pull it off. And just like that, the fan gets dusted, the dust bunnies are gone and everyone is happy.

4. Wet Wipes

So while everyone manages to tidy up their place one way or the other, there are, however, many problematic areas that can’t simply be ignored. This includes those intricate center pieces, computer keyboards and just everything with small places in it. Your best bet? Baby Wipes. This will require some time on your part but baby wipes will handle your dust problem like a pro.

5. Baking Soda for the Soft Toys

The zen of all dusts lays in your children’s toys. Period.

Even moving them, let alone throwing them, never ends well in any parent’s life, so that option is out of the window. But there is one handy way that can get the dust off of them; baking soda. Take a large plastic bag, add in baking soda and the soft toys. Secure and shake the bag well. The baking soda paired with static takes out all the dust and after that, all you have to do is remove the toys, brush off the excess baking soda and vacuum them using brush attachments.

6. Fabric Softening Liquids for Ultimate Repulsion

Logically, having something that repels dust makes more sense than cleaning things again and again. Therefore, if you are tired of seeing your glass tables, cabinets and other hard surfaces being succumbed to layers of dust, simply bring out your fabric softeners. Mix 1 part fabric softening liquid in 4 parts of water and use this magic mixture for the ultimate repulsion action.

Top photo: Bigstock