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Farm Sanctuary

Celebrate Spring By Adopting a Farm Animal


“Peeps,” those colorful marshmallow chicks are a popular item in Easter baskets. Some celebrating the holiday go a step further, surprising small children with live “peeps,” baby chicks that are dyed pastel shades. Other baby animals – ducklings, bunnies, and lambs – also are purchased with the idea that they will become family pets. That strategy rarely works out. Once Easter has passed, those adorable animals grow up and are no longer embraced as playthings. Unless the family lives on a farm, they most likely lack the space, resources, knowledge, and yes, commitment to continue caring for these family pets. Many are abandoned.

There’s a better way. The New York City ASPCA seized 49 dyed peeps from a pet store in Brooklyn where they were being sold as Easter novelties. They have found a safe haven at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

Every year, Farm Sanctuary, America’s leading farm animal protection organization, seeks to raise awareness about the plight of Easter pets, while encouraging people to start a new compassionate tradition of symbolically adopting a chicken, duck, or sheep resident at Farm Sanctuary instead. For just $30, you can symbolically adopt Clark, a chicken, Champagne, a duck, or Carlee, a sheep, and support their lifelong care and help Farm Sanctuary work to end the exploitation of other farm animals just like them.

Those who agree to a sponsorship, receive a digital Spring Celebration card via email, in gratitude for their support. The organization also has a selection of vegan chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats for readers looking to fill their baskets with compassionate choices that benefit animals.

For more information and to read about animals that have been rescued, go to the website for Farm Sanctuary. 

Top photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary