5 Reasons Why Women Have a Better Design Technique than Men

In today’s world, people are finally recognizing the incredible women who are shaking up every industry. From fashion to food; interiors to engineering, there’s no denying the women who radiate with talent. When it comes to interiors, it has long been believed that women hold a better eye for design than men, but why is this?

You might not be surprised to hear there are many reasons behind this; as a woman, you will be surrounded by plenty of stylish women who know exactly how to design their homes. The list is endless but read on to find out just a few ways women pip men to the post.

#1 They know trends inside and out

Some trends fade over time, and some go on to become timeless classics that add an air of sophistication to any home. While there have been some male interior designers to make their mark, women have in-depth knowledge that extends beyond knowing classic color schemes.

Whether it’s due to glossy interiors magazines, sophisticated TV dramas which boast homes to die for, or busy social lives spent in beautifully designed restaurants and cafés, women can spot a trend when they see one, and they know when to transfer some of these designs into a home. Women traditionally have also been at home more when daytime interiors programs are showing.

Partly, keeping their finger on the pulse is down to seeing how everyone else reacts when they see something well-designed. If people react in wonder and awe, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t sure what the trend is: follow the crowd and it will lead you in the right direction.

#2 Women are more active on social media

A huge part of building trends in the modern day is down to social media. Namely, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are made up of accounts that showcase the finest interior designs in luxury homes and hotels across the globe.

More than anything, this means women now have more access to interiors trends that emerge on the other side of the globe and become popularised in western culture. For example, the Balinese interior trend of extravagant baths and tropical plants, and the Swedish concept of Hygge. It helps that the majority of these accounts are marketed at women, using women in their shots and dreamy, romantic colors. If men see these, they simply won’t be interested, which is where women will always have the upper hand.

#3 Women appreciate the small touches

Women and their emotions have become demonized over time, and for no good reason. A big benefit to being so in-tune with how we feel is that we are more receptive to the design desires of other people in the home. It means we can blend together masculine accents with a more feminine touch, or that we can turn a child’s bedroom into a work of art.

Most of all, however, it allows us to understand that interior design isn’t always about style over substance. A home must be as comfortable as it is beautiful, and it must be somewhere that the entire family can sit back and relax in. It must be filled with investment items that are easy on the eye, and even easier on the pocket in the long run. Heartfelt touches add warmth to a home that no golden lighting can replicate (although that will also help).

These touches can begin in small changes, as with having aromatherapy diffusers throughout the house. Or, they can start in the core parts of a home, like your bed or sofa. For example, the sofa is somewhere everyone will come to kick back and unwind together, which means a fashionable, but hard sofa won’t work. Instead, choose a softer model that also looks good, and make sure you read reviews before you buy. Lovesac has pretty interesting reviews for their couches to help you make the right choice.

#4 Interior design is a female-dominated industry

As an industry that is made up of 70% women, you’d think there were far more leaders in interior design out there. Despite there being a gender gap in how many of these aspiring interior designers become leaders, it’s safe to say it is a female-dominated industry. This means that much of the interior trends we see will be tailored towards a female mindset, over a man’s.

It’s why there are countless social media interiors accounts run by women; it’s why so many interiors magazines are defined by elegant flare and feminine touches. This could be because women have traditionally spent more time in the home, which encourages women to tailor their space to suit them. Put simply, men just don’t care as much about what their home looks like, as long as it’s comfortable and functional.

In any case, businesses know that women don’t just want a beautiful home, their home is a passion for them. It’s an extension of their personality and is one of the spaces they can let their creativity run wild. Why wouldn’t they give women more to work with?

#5 They are influenced by the fashion world

Interiors and high fashion are not worlds apart, as many people would assume. Sure, they have different areas of expertise, but many trends have transgressed from the catwalk to the home. Movements like minimalism and mid-century modern all hold roots within the fashion world and have become trends that have stayed. As women are more invested with fashion as a whole, is it so surprising that some of the key looks inspire parts of our homes?

And, just as the fashion world is becoming more conscientious, so are women who love interiors. Upcycling old furniture, re-purposing old blankets- it’s no secret that we become greener our homes will become more Utopian. As social media shows us more luscious, tropical greenery from Balinese luxury hotels, we can artfully blend the benefits of nature with style. Often, from the comfort of our bathtub.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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