5 Relationship Benefits of Sleeping in Separate Beds

There are several reasons why you may be getting poor sleep, and believe it or not, sharing a bed with your partner could be one of them. When we think of the conventional marital sleeping arrangements, sharing a bed seems more ideal. But as it turns out, sleeping in separate beds is a growing trend among couples. It’s even referred to as sleep divorce. This is a personal choice and not necessarily a sign of marital problems. And, although sharing a bed helps to build closeness and emotional comfort, it’s not the only way to achieve that. Getting quality sleep is more important for our overall health; plus, it can actually help strengthen your relationship. Here’s how:

You Go to Sleep more Relaxed

The default time for couples to have sex is probably before bed. But sex can quickly become a routine and lose its magic; plus, it can be a bit hard to get in the mood after a busy day. Both scenarios can adversely affect your sex life. Sleeping in separate beds keeps you from having to reject your partner or feeling like you’re obliged to have sex. It also increases passion and libido, probably because you miss your partner more, and are sleeping better.

You Wake Up Happier

Couples who share a bed experience more disrupted sleep than those who sleep apart. If your partner goes to bed at different times, snores, tosses and turns, or talks in their sleep, falling and staying asleepmight seem like an impossible goal for you. Getting a good night’s sleep is important as it improves your attitude and your mood, which in turn eliminates any feelings of resentment the next morning and promotes positive interactions with your partner. Since you and your partner probably have different sleeping habits, check out different mattress options to ensure everyone gets quality sleep.

You Get Some Alone Time

Spending every night with your partner in one bed may start to feel stale. Couples are often expected to surrender personal autonomy to become one, which can mean sacrificing your solitude. Sleeping away from your partner gives you space and some alone time to just exist in your own thoughts. This can be quite refreshing and liberating; plus, it gives your relationship a breather. Think of sleep divorce as a way to recharge your love.

Less of a Desire to Fight

When you’re sleep deprived, you can feel a bit on the edge and end up having arguments that will only strain your relationship. Sleeping in different beds to accommodate your partner’s sleeping preferences minimizes the relationship fights you might otherwise have over the sleeping environment. It also allows for quality sleep, which is vital to reducing irritability and having more harmony in the relationship.

Better Mental Resilience

Studies have shown that getting quality sleep enhances one’s memory and learning, and contributes to mental health. Lack of sleep makes you susceptible to depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, and several other mental illnesses. If sleeping apart is what will get you quality sleep, then consider doing it to improve mental health. After all, having a stable mind is vital to having a healthy relationship, and vice versa.

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