Balancing Your Hormones Helps With Your Mood and More

It’s estimated that 80% of women experience some sort of hormone imbalance. These imbalances can lead to a host of symptoms including depression, anxiety, and changes in body weight. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to balance your hormones by boosting your intake of certain nutrients, getting rest, and lowering overall stress levels.

Learn about 6 benefits that arise from balancing your hormones:

Regulates Appetite

Want better hunger control? You need to balance your hormones. The hormones that regulate hunger and satiety are leptin, ghrelin, and insulin. Leptin is produced by fat cells that tell the brain you’re full and help regulate energy levels. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach; it increases appetite when your body needs more calories. Insulin also regulates blood sugar levels—when your blood sugars are too high, your body releases insulin to bring them down to normal. As you can see, these three hormones work together to keep your body functioning properly—but if one of them becomes imbalanced by stress or poor diet, it can affect how well the others do their job.

The good news is that there are things you can do to balance these hormones naturally. Eat balanced meals throughout the day so that ghrelin doesn’t spike wildly through each meal cycle. Exercise regularly so leptin levels stay steady and eat plenty of fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables every day. Fiber helps slow digestion so insulin spikes aren’t as severe.

Helps Maintain Bone Mass

Bone mass is essential for maintaining a healthy skeleton. Bone mass can be lost due to many factors, including aging, diet, and lack of exercise. Bone mass is lost in a gradual process over time. You can help maintain your bone health by taking supplements rich in vitamin D or enjoying cheese and other fortified milk products.

Keeps Your Skin Looking Healthy

Hormones can cause you to either look like a teenager or the front page closeup on a magazine. Many people look for hormonal acne supplement products because they know that they can mitigate pimples, redness, and other acne breakouts if they do. Some of these natural supplements not only improve skin health but help to improve moods, energy levels, and more. 

Helps With Brain Function and Mood

Hormones are the chemicals in our bodies that regulate things like mood, metabolism, and energy. They’re also important for brain function. And while they change as we age, low hormone levels can cause a host of health problems—like weight gain and memory loss—that make life harder to enjoy.

Hormone deficiencies are also associated with depression and anxiety, which can make it difficult to focus on anything other than your mental state. Some of the most amazing ways that hormones impact your body are when they help you to enjoy life and improve your brain function. When your hormones are regulated, you can focus on work better, connect with the people you love, and sit back and enjoy your time off when you get it. Many people use a combination of techniques including meditation, diet, and exercise to help levels come into normal ranges.

Helps to Stabilize Body Weight

Another reason to manage hormone levels is to lose weight or stop gaining. When you balance your hormones, your body is more likely to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. This is especially important for people who are older than 30 years old because the average person loses about 7 percent of their muscle mass every decade after age 30. You should also make sure that whatever number of calories you consume each day comes from a wide variety of nutritious foods across all food groups—not just junk food.

Hormones in balance will aid in proper metabolic function. When this happens, your body processes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins more efficiently. This means that it can access fat stores to burn when needed, break down carbohydrates for energy, and use protein to build up muscle mass.

Aids in Reproduction

When you want to have children, balancing your hormones is essential. Considering estrogen is one of many hormones that help regulate ovulation, this is a crucial step in becoming pregnant. Estrogen also helps to achieve pregnancy and maintain your health during pregnancy. In addition, women with high estrogen levels have healthier pregnancies and have babies with higher birth weights than women whose estrogen levels are low.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay