Best Treatments for a Younger Face

Want to look young again, but without having to go through long and painful plastic surgery? You have quite a few options available at your local cosmetic centers. A lot of them are minimally-invasive and involve procedures that cause only minimal damage to your body at most.

Among these great minimally-invasive treatments are Botox, dermal filler and PDO thread lift procedures. They all play a role in making your face look younger and more vibrant. Each one affects your face in a different way, but they all have one thing in common: they produce some truly terrific results.

You can check out exactly what they’re capable of by visiting the website of any competent clinic, especially if they’re operating in your area. If you live in NYC, for example, one of your best options would be to check out Skinly Aesthetics. They have some great deals on many of their cosmetic treatments, including the ones we’re looking at below.

Botox: Numbing Yourself to Look Young

What many people wrongly assume about Botox is how it actually works. It’s easy to pick up on some rumors and believe people who know nothing about cosmetic treatments. But there is a clear-cut science behind all of them and if you’re thinking about getting treated, you can’t just rely on misinformation.

People listen to celebrity gossip or look at their favorite Hollywood actors who’ve had a botched Botox treatment and think that every Botox procedure is going to end up the same. This just isn’t true. Sure, there’s a very slim chance of a mistake or error being made during the treatment. This is usually the result of an inexperienced practitioner or a lower-tier compound being used. But even then, these mistakes are very easy to fix.

And how Botox actually works isn’t something most of these rumors get right. Instead of puffing up the skin or making it look plastic as is widely believed thanks to misinformation, Botox rejuvenates it from a much deeper level. There are several reasons why age marks occur on the face. Most obvious and widespread is age. This isn’t something we can control.

There is a science behind age marks like wrinkles and expression lines. The muscles in your face are constantly contracting making you look happy or sad, which is normal. But the problem with this consistent movement is that it creates the many wrinkles and other age marks you see on your face.

Botox doesn’t lift up the skin itself. Instead, it numbs the nerves which are responsible for causing the muscle contraction. When the muscles relax, the skin above naturally smooths itself out, because the collagen loss along the lines of contraction is delayed. This allows the skin to regenerate the lost collagen in the its troughs for a younger looking appearance on the surface. This is how rejuvenation with Botox is performed. It doesn’t literally pull your skin tighter to get rid of the wrinkles.

This has many benefits, with the most enticing one making the face look younger, but keeping it authentic. Botox is subtle, but effective enough, that you will see a very noticeable improvement, but not at the cost of looking fake.

Dermal Fillers: Lifting Faces and Restoring Smiles

But then there are dermal fillers, which unlike Botox, work directly with the underlying skin. Over time, as we age, our faces lose a lot of volume in the form of fat. What this means is skin gets saggy and just droops down in the most noticeable areas.

The little jowls under the chin are a great example of this. You will have noticed that older individuals have that little bit of skin hanging just below the jawline at the level of either corner of the mouth. This is one of the most prominent examples of volume loss.

Dermal filler treatments utilize a special hyaluronic acid-based compound, which by nature is super springy. When injected into a few areas in the face, the compound expands and lifts up the skin. By filling in these specific parts of the face, the compound is able to pull the skin up to make it tighter. This automatically smooths out the wrinkles and other age marks.

Depending on what part of the face dermal filler is injected into, you can smooth out forehead wrinkles, smile lines, those little wrinkles around the lips, crow’s feet and much, much more. The treatments are very versatile by nature and can get a lot done with only a few injections.

In fact, they can be so effective for facial rejuvenation, that improvements can be seen immediately after the injections. Give dermal fillers a try if your face needs a little lift.

PDO Thread Lifts: The Literal Face Lift

The previous two treatments are perfect examples of how you can restore youth to your face with as little damage to the body as possible, through simple and easy injections.

But only PDO thread lifts can literally lift up the face.

While dermal filler treatments use the special compound to fill in areas where the skin may be saggy, PDO thread lifts use a special fiber, which is inserted under the skin and clings to it. The thread has tons of tiny, sharp hooks attached to it, which hold onto the subcutaneous fibrous skin layers.

This sounds a little painful, but thanks to proper anaesthetic which pretty much all clinics use, you won’t feel a thing. But in the end, you’ll be greeted with a much younger looking face, that didn’t require any compound to be injected. The advantage of this, is that you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions, as some people would with Botox and dermal fillers.

And the results of PDO thread lifts also last for a long time, up to 18 months. This means after getting treated once, you won’t have to get another thread lift for a year and a half.

Choose the One You Think Works for You

You have all these and many more options when it comes to skin rejuvenation. A younger face is closer than you think. All you really have to do is find a practitioner in your area that offers them for a price that suits your budget and get a young, vibrant face within a few weeks.

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