Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

The fashion industry is indeed a business that has no end. Besides being a basic human need, clothing is also often a collectible item, especially for women. However, what you need to know before starting this business is that fashion constantly changes trends in a short time.

Therefore, to start a fashion linen wholesale business, in this case, clothing, various ways are usually done so that the industry continues to run smoothly and see and follow the latest trends.

Choose Your Target Market

To start a linen wholesale, the first thing you have to determine and decide is the customer. Determine the customer or who is the target market that you are looking for to buy clothes that are sold, whether people who are upper-class, middle-class or lower-middle economy. Or adults, children, teenagers, or Muslim women. Determining the target market is essential so that the goods you provide always attract buyers, which ultimately make them loyal customers.

After determining the customer, the next thing for clothes to sell well is to look at the latest developing trends. Foresight in seeing trends and attracting customer interest can also make your capital rotate if merchandise is quickly selling well in the market.

Find a Trusted Supplier

Finding a supplier is the most challenging part because finding someone who can trust and be right is not easy. The way your linen wholesale business runs smoothly or not is primarily determined by the supplier you choose. For that, before choosing a supplier, make an explicit agreement and look carefully at the goods available to the supplier so that you are not easily deceived or feel a loss in the future.


It seems like branding for businesses is an absolute thing to do; besides making it easy for buyers to find, you also get benefits by promoting products. A high level or level of branding is not only influenced by the service and quality of the goods sold. It is also influenced by branding with a name that is easy to remember. Several competitors in the linen wholesale business field can make you drown if the brand name is difficult to remember.


If you want a clothing store to be considered a prestigious clothing store, you can take steps to create a stall or open a clothing store and think about what kind of clothing store concept you want to make.

If you want to make a stall online, create several clothing categories and make clear product descriptions. A clear item description will make it easier for buyers to choose and build trust. Use a unique website that is attractive and easily accessible (paid, with your domain) if necessary to also promote clothes sold through social media.

If you want to make an offline store, it’s not wrong, even though now the era is digital or all online. However, with direct clothing stores, shoppers who don’t like to buy online have a choice.

Opening an offline clothing store will undoubtedly require more funds because you need to pay for shop rent, electricity, employees, and so on. To respond to this and make clothing stores more buyers, you can also open an online clothing store through the website or simply by marketing the clothes sold through social media. You can also pay other people to market the clothes you sell online to expand your marketing reach.

Create Interesting Promotions

As a first step in the promotion, you can create an attractive advertisement by giving a discount when opening a store or giving a kind of beautiful souvenir for buyers who buy clothes at a clothing store with a total purchase of more than 70 USD. In addition to providing discounts or souvenirs, attractive promotions by providing regular monthly discounts or selling laundry clothes are also a powerful way to attract buyers.

Always update

Trends that are constantly changing require you to be observant in seeing the trends that are developing. It’s not easy to spot trends, but you’ll be more sensitive to movements that buyers are interested in overtime. Carefully count clothes that are in high demand and determine their type, like for example this linen pants which will guarantee a sale.

There are so many ways that are given to do linen wholesale business, the main thing that you have to realize is an unyielding attitude. There is no accessible business, which will grow and reap a lot of profit. 

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash