An Eye on the Future Career Options for 2019 and Beyond

Can you imagine a scenario where you go to college, study for a degree, and then, a few years after you graduate, discover that the industry you trained for no longer needs you, or anyone else? It’s depressing to think about, but that is going to be the reality for many people. The profession they thought they would do for the duration of their career will become obsolete. Due to robots and artificial intelligence, somewhere in the region of 40% of jobs may be lost in the coming decade and beyond. So if you’re about to begin studying or you’re thinking about switching your career, you’ll be well served by opting for a job that you know will still exist for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, we have a good idea of the jobs where demand is expected to grow. We take a look at some of these options below.

Alternative Energy

It’s no secret that humans will have to stop relying on fossil fuels sooner rather than later. And while the oil, gas, and coal companies are holding on and making sure that day is delayed and delayed, it is going to happen. But for that to happen, there has to be an alternative source of energy. The alternative energy sector is going to grow a lot in the coming years, and the growth will hold steady for a long time; this is the whole world we’re talking about. Every country on earth will have to make the transition. If you become an expert in that field, then there’ll be no shortage of work for you.

Dissecting Big Data

There is an incredible amount of data out there. Every medium size and large company has information on just about everything that has to do with their business. But there’s a problem: it’s all a mess. Companies have no idea what to do with the data that they’re holding in their hands. The person who can make sense of it will be very valuable indeed. If you’re naturally good at mathematics and can spot patterns in complex arrangements, then big data analysis might be with you. The industry is small (well, relatively) at the moment, but only because there aren’t enough trained professionals. The demand is very much there!

Looking After the Older Generation

We’re about to enter a period that’s never been seen before. For the first time ever, the number of people who are retirement age and older will outnumber the amount of child in the United States. The baby boomers are getting older, basically, and this is going to put extra pressure on healthcare services. As such, there is going to be a big demand for nurses over the next ten years and beyond. Study on an online nurse practitioner program, and you won’t only be increasing your chances of getting a well-paid job once you graduate; you’ll be working in a job where the emphasis is on helping other people. So if you’re looking for a rewarding and safe long-term job, this could be it.

Mental Health

There’s not just a demand for workers who can take care of the physical side of humans, either: there’s a growing need for people who can help with the mental side, too. The rates of people suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety and depression have been steadily rising in recent years, and it’s going to get worse. Indeed, you could say it’s going to get much worse: by 2030, depression will be the most common illness in the world. So the earth is going to need help. With more and more money hopefully being put into frontline mental health services, it’s a good option for those who want to help other people live their best life.

All Things Tech

Yes, it does feel like the tech revolution has already been played out. But that’s only when we compare to where we were twenty years ago. Compared to where we’re going to be twenty years from now, we’ve barely got started. The tech giants are going to push for technology to touch everything, and given their resources and influence, it’s virtually certain that they’ll succeed. So if you’re naturally drawn to all things tech, don’t give up because you think you’ve missed your chance to be part of the explosion of jobs. You haven’t! But to set yourself apart and to attract the higher price bracket, you may want to consider specializing in one specific niche.

Protecting People’s Rights

The tech world is going to bring with it (in fact already has brought) some problems that’ll have to be handled. For example, what about people’s rights when they’re using the internet? What about Facebook, and its immense power? What about the darker aspects of the digital age, including increase isolation? All of these things, which have hitherto been mostly ignored, will need to be handled in some way. If you’re interested in people’s rights, and the protection of them, then this could be an exciting industry to be in!

Into Deep Space

The new frontier is nearly upon us. Soon, we will be venturing into space, not to explore, but for leisure. It looks like it’ll become a reality in a few years, and beyond that? Well, no-one knows for sure. While the jobs involved in the industry will be as diverse as any other industry, if you throw yourself into this world, you should find plenty of opportunities when it comes to growth.

Solving Logistical Issues

We used to talk about climate change as something that might happen at some vague point in the future. Alas, now, that future has arrived, and we’re seeing more and more examples of extreme weather damaging homes and creating other problems. Protecting homes that were previously low-risk for damage is causing big problems, and there’s a big need for engineers who are able to come up with solutions. You won’t just be paid well, either; you’ll also be making a positive difference as you protect communities from the effects of manmade climate change.

Cross-Border Management

The world is becoming smaller and smaller all the time, as we know. There are more trade deals, cross-country selling, and so on than ever before, and this looks to become even more true in the years to come, especially with the emergence of new markets. As such, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is learning a new language or taking an interest in another culture. If you can speak, say, Chinese and also have a business background, then you would have no problem whatsoever finding work.

Untangling the Law

And let’s not forget about the law that underpins all of these agreements. With trade deals continually being ripped up, rewritten, and updated, there’s a greater need than ever for lawyers who sift through the complexities of these deals. There are a lot of lawyers in the world, and general wisdom says we don’t need anymore, but in this area, there actually is a demand.


It is a shame, for sure, that some many jobs are going to be lost. It’s going to create problems that might be disastrous for communities. However, on the flip side, at least there are a number of new industries, markets, and jobs that are going to grow over the next few decades. While there are no guarantees in life, if you train for one of the jobs above, you’ll likely find the risk of your position becoming redundant is minimal.

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