How To Be More Confident While Dating

Let us first clarify the heading of this article. To us, being ‘more confident’ while dating does not mean being able to capture the man or woman of your dreams, of being smooth at every opportunity and coming across as some form of movie character. Rather, being confident is the ability to be more discerning, to trust yourself more, to feel comfortable in yourself and actually enjoy the dating process, rather than worry about all of its pomp and circumstance. In fact, the true marker of confidence while dating is being able to walk away from a date empty-handed and not feel as though you’ve let yourself or the other person down – as without this freedom, you will never be free and truly excited.

For that reason, it’s very important to know how to be more confident while dating. There are many measures of achieving this. Not all of them are so obvious. On top of that, working on your baseline day-to-day confidence can help you avoid the tendency to overdo things when looking for love. If there’s anything we hope to help you with in this article, it’s giving you the tools to enjoy your years of loving potential more profoundly.

Don’t Be Afraid To Set The Terms

It can often be that if we’re being pursued, or if we’re pursuing, we might find it very easy to let the other person dictate where we’re to go. But don’t be afraid to put your suggestion in, either. Sometimes there’s a show in town you would love to visit, or a restaurant you want to eat at. The person you’re dating will show they can listen and compromise if they’re happy to consider your suggestion. Some might even be grateful for you putting it forward. But one thing is true, if you continually feel as though your dating experience is being dictated to you, put your best foot forward and try to change that. Who knows, setting a location or a time might help you be more forthright and authoritative in a date, as we can all aim to be a little more assertive when we need to be.

It’s Not Life Or Death

We can often feel as though if we fail to make a good impression, we have failed the date. But how about simply providing the best of yourself, and then focusing on if they are impressing you or not? This way you will be able to see through their approach. Sometimes you might even notice they’re using a ‘game plan’ that seems sickeningly familiar to advice yielded through ‘pick-up’ forums.

Remember, it’s not life or death. In fact, being open to lose someone you like early in the process, or being willing to head home prematurely is completely fine. It’s much better to do that than to sit there and have to endure a terrible date or person out of misplaced politeness. When you feel less attached to the end result, you can enjoy your day much more, and remain a little more cautious and exercise a little more wisdom as far as that is concerned. To us, that’s a pretty good approach to keep.

Get Dressed For You

Dressing for yourself is a whole different philosophy compared to dressing for another. Of course, you might wish to wear a certain evening gown that you may not have had change to wear before, or perhaps you want to dress with certain aims in mind, but whatever you choose, make sure you’re dressing for you and not the other. Simply seeing yourself looking your best can help you look and feel more confident, and this can help you enjoy the night with much more security. For example, a great skincare regime is not likely something the other person will pick up on, but it can help you glow and feel much more healthy and luminous. For example, Hyaluronic acid has numerous functions in the body and is worth using as part of your moisturizing routine. Making an effort for yourself is a highlight here, and can help you stop looking for approval.

The Art Of Conversation

Of course, most of our advice thus far has tried to signify that you need to feel comfortable in yourself, and disregard the other person. That is so you feel less attached and worried about everything they do, so you can enjoy your evening well. But of course, actually, it is only fair to try and get to know the other you are dating. Do not ignore them and come across as rude, because they might have truly positive intentions. 

This is where the art of conversation comes in handy. Listen, ask questions, and try to find something in common. Find out what helps them feel passionate, comfortable and able. Learn how to discuss yourself, without exaggeration, without trying to ‘win.’ You’ll find that the slow artifice of the ‘dating sphere’ starts to crumble when you engage in conversation like this, and you’ll actually start finding out about the person. This way, an awkward joke isn’t the end of the world, or a disagreement needn’t make you want to escape. On top of that, you’ll find your dates becoming much more textured and appreciated in the long run. It’s a powerful thing to experience.

Give Yourself Time

There are many people out there. Don’t feel as though you need to find the person you’ll settle down with right away. But then again, don’t be afraid to get involved with someone if you like spending time with them. Most dating advice will leave you feel worried about the ‘dos and don’ts’ regarding every date you ever have, but in reality, the more natural it is, and the easier you feel it progressing the better. But for that, you need to give yourself time. You can do this.

With these tips, we wish you the best of luck when hoping to experience more confidence in your dating life.

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

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