How to Have Fun On a Weight Loss Journey

There’s this long battle with weight and the ideas that are put into people’s minds. For starters, weight loss doesn’t need to be this sad period where you restrict yourself from the foods you love; the Mediterranean diet is a beautiful example of this. Even if you take food out of the account (which is a huge chunk of it), there are other aspects, too, that tend to get negative attention. Think about exercising, for example. There’s this idea that exercise needs to be filled with sweat and staying out of breath. 

While yes, technically, this is an aspect of exercising, if you think about it, you’re doing different forms of exercise daily. With that said, when it comes to losing weight or just the general health journey altogether, there’s this continuous idea of how boring and sad it can be. While a lot of these ideas are floating around, it really doesn’t need to be this case whatsoever! So, here’s how you can have fun on your weight loss journey!

Start By Changing Your Mindset on Healthy Eating

Dieting and weight loss can often be boring, unpleasant, and frustrating, especially when it comes to cravings, bland food, grueling workouts, calorie counting, or skipping social events to stick with your eating plan. However, with a little creativity and persistence, you can make healthy eating fun! Play your favorite music while preparing meals, use a challenge to encourage yourself, and shop for fresh produce to find new favorites.  You could always look around online for recipes or just try beautifying your food instead (such as making beautiful smoothie bowls). 

Sometimes, these little pushes can help make you realize that eating healthy foods doesn’t need to be bland or boring. You can even try cooking a new way or even add some superfoods and ingredients such as semaglutide peptide to your meals. You can get high-quality semaglutide peptide online at a low cost and with no delivery fees. Generally speaking, if you tweak your food, such as making it look presentable, looking into recipes, or even changing up how you eat/ prepare food, you’ll find yourself having fun. At the end of the day, the entire goal is to have fun while working towards the journey of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. 

Focus on Positivity 

While weight loss programs tend to place emphasis on following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, it’s also important that you stay positive as you make these changes. Concentrating on the obstacles or stress of losing weight can actually decrease your motivation. Lasting weight loss isn’t about banning certain foods or working out for hours on end. Rather, it’s about making small, sustainable changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle and increased self-confidence.

Have compassion for yourself, and remember that setbacks are common. It’s okay to slip up now and then but start fresh each day. Ultimately, these small improvements will add up to your success. Having a healthy lifestyle is a rewarding experience all its own. You deserve to love and respect your body.

Avoid the Scale

While yes, on your weight loss journey, you will need to pay close attention to your weight and body mass to ensure everything is happening the way you’d hoped it to be, you still need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t weigh yourself a lot. You should try not to look into the mirror too often, either. If you obsess over these changes, you might get to the point where you see it as there not being enough. 

So instead, what might be best is to just give it a rest, avoid the scale, and instead, consider maybe once a month weighing yourself. In the meanwhile, see if there are small changes that you can pick up for your body, like clothes feeling loose. Overall, if you’re constantly watching for changes, how can you expect to have a good time and feel proud of yourself?

Find a Support Group or Strong Support System

Having a support group can be a crucial element of your success in losing weight. Whether you are part of an online community, a weight loss forum, or an in-person meeting, support groups can provide encouragement, recognition for accomplishments, and accountability to a shared community. Some people will go to websites like Tumblr and embrace the Fitblr community, while others will go to Reddit, Facebook groups, but there are plenty of other websites too

If you don’t want to deal with people online, then that’s totally fine, too, as you could turn to your support system for help. Having this support can be fun because you can exchange tips, build each other up, and so on.

Create a Hobby That Connects to Health

Alternatively, you can try to connect one of your current hobbies to health as well. For instance, if you’re someone who absolutely adores cooking, why not focus on healthy food? If you’re someone that loves video games, then why not play video games that get you active, like Dance Dance Revolution? Try to have this sort of mindset; if you connect them, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun, and you won’t immediately connect it with any negative connotations that healthy living has.

Try a New Activity

When it comes to this weight loss journey, you should always try to hype yourself up for positive changes. When you’re trying to make a habit of something, it’s important that you enjoy the activity. So find an activity that you love – maybe one of the ones you did when you were younger or something new that excites you. Think back to when you were a kid and think of the activities you enjoyed most, whether that was dancing, playing on a team, rollerblading, or just running around outside. 

Channel that child-like sense of fun into your weight loss journey and make it a game to have fun along the way! Remember, the whole goal is to have fun with it, and maybe letting your inner child out is the best way to go.

Consider Going to the Gym or Joining a Class

If your weight loss journey has you feeling bored on the treadmill, try a new class at your gym or studio. Group workout classes are a great way to socialize and make exercise fun. You could also join a class-based fitness app like ClassPass to give a range of classes a go. Reframe the way you think about dieting and exercising – instead of thinking about it as responsibility and boredom, think of it as an accomplishment. It will help you feel more motivated to stick to your goals and keep you on track for the long haul. 

When looking for a gym or studio to join, remember that it should fit your needs and budget. Look for a gym that offers what you want, like a good weight room and a variety of group workout classes. Plus, if you think about it, this could be an opportunity to even make friends or an accountability buddy.

Embrace Simplicity 

There’s nothing wrong at all with going with a different approach to weight loss. Maybe walking is your thing? Maybe hiking is your thing? Maybe it’s swimming? Whatever it might be, why not just embrace simplicity? This could be hugely beneficial because why make things more complicated than they need to be? When it comes to losing weight, there aren’t any flashy bells and whistles. While fancy workout gear and superfoods are out there, if you want to go a more simple approach and look at calories in versus calories out, as well as just walking, then just go ahead! This is your journey and your body, and what matters most is picking something that you know you can stick to.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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