Shapewear Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

From visible underwear through your dress to buying, something that felt great in the changing rooms but now feels like it’s compressing your organs, we’ve all experienced a few issues when it comes to our constantly changing bodies and the garments we choose to wear. 

With old-school notions of shapewear still in our heads, many women still view this kind of clothing as an oppressive and restrictive item that was once used to make women’s waists slim while making breathing extremely difficult. Fortunately, thanks to some much-needed change in the world and a more comfortable range of choices like this collection of shapewear available, these garments have become a celebration of comfort for bodies of all shapes and sizes! 

But before you find your perfect shapewear items, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes. 

Buying the wrong shapewear size

This is the main mistake that women make when it comes to buying good shapewear. It might seem like buying a size that’s too small will help to give you a slimmer figure, but the tightness those smaller sizes have are going to seriously affect the targetted compression zones of your body. 

Remember – shapewear is supposed to help support the curves of your body within your specific size range. If you’re going for the tighter, more ill-fitting ones, you’re destined to feel uncomfortable and restricted every time you put one on. 

Sacrificing your comfort for style 

Speaking of comfort, another common mistake is when someone decides to put style and appearance before their own comfort. This never ends well, and if you’re determined to wear shapewear on a regular basis, it’s important to get something breathable that you enjoy wearing. 

Not buying the right shapewear to suit your body 

Don’t fall into those ridiculous misconceptions about what the ‘perfect body’ is. There is no such thing as one definition. Everyone’s body is different, and beauty has million different definitions. 

When you accept that we are all different, you can begin buying the right kind of shapewear to suit and support your own unique body style. Curvacious and petite frames can find true comfort and freedom if you find the right garments to suit your body. 

Using one shapewear item for all of your problems 

Yes, shapewear is incredibly versatile. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to discover how you’ll be able to match your shapewear to each occasion or problem. Some pieces just work better than others, depending on the different silhouettes, and relying on one item to work well with each situation may not be very realistic. 

Having the wrong kind of expectations

This brings us to the final, and perhaps the most important mistake to avoid at all costs. It’s important to wear shapewear with the understanding that it takes time to get used to this kind of garment. 

You may find it’s a little tight against the body and even lifts some other parts. But in time, you’ll see the benefits for yourself and feel more confident in your everyday life with this additional comfort and support. 

Photo by Peerapat Rueangsanam at iStock by Getty Images

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