Tips for Young Women to Adapt to Our Economy

Gender roles have changed a lot in the past several decades. Women were expected to be homemakers in years past, but the changing of societal expectations has led to young girls aspiring to have long, eventful careers. 

The pandemic has put a huge damper on this evolution, forcing folks back into their homes and not letting young women explore their interests like they deserve to. Luckily, this generation has an astounding work ethic and creative drive to succeed. 

We’ll give some of the best tips we can for women who are fresh out of college (or high school) to overcome the pandemic’s economic avalanche. This can range from getting car insurance for independent contractors to getting involved in activities our culture has traditionally labeled as masculine. 

Turning Hobbies and Chores Into Careers

Women have always been expected to be good at things involving homecare and upkeep. Even in 2022, sexism runs rampant. Go on any WNBA basketball social media page and you’ll see comments from the fans stating the ladies on the court need to “get back in the kitchen.” 

This stereotype that women don’t deserve to do things outside of their traditional zone given to them by society is outdated. As the pandemic took off, women were forced back into the home, cutting off many of the desires they hoped to achieve in the business world. 

As it turns out, this doesn’t have to be the horrible result that misogynist men intend it to be. Kitchen duties can easily be turned into careers in this day and age. Making your famous hummus recipe during your quarantine time can now be monetized with a few tech-savvy steps.

Try setting up a YouTube account to vlog the kitchen shortcuts and fun food ideas you always enjoy with your friends and family. Now they can be broadcast to the world for a nice profit. 

Take creative liberties in how you want to run your business. Do you want to sell products? Or do you want to just instruct online and make money from advertisements? 

Combining your interests with your career has never been easier than it is right now. It’s one of the only bright sides of the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders in so many places. But with these unique and innovative career choices comes more responsibilities that need accounting for. Let’s get to those now. 

Financial Burdens for Women Who Work From Home

It’s not all rosy when you have a remote business to run. Being an entrepreneur comes with extra expenses not to be overlooked. You need to make sure you have adequate working space for whatever your business needs are. 

If you are going to be running a company and deliver goods directly to the consumer, you need to look into getting some commercial auto insurance. Using your personal vehicle for entrepreneurial ventures is not going to go over well with your auto insurance company if you get into an accident and require a towing service

Think about what it will take to prepare your home for remote work. Do you need office space? What about extra materials for your inventory? Will you need to rent out extra storage for your company supplies? 

These are all burdens that get overlooked when you start out as a solo venture. Ask for help and understand that things will come up that need addressing later on. Try to prepare for these issues early on in your business practice. 

Go to College (Or Don’t)

Women still have to work harder than men for the same results. Society boxes women into certain jobs that have been traditionally associated with female gender roles. The only way to escape from this problem is to put yourself in a position where your resume looks better than the men with whom you are competing.

Women are now going to college in larger droves than men. This gives them access to education and training that used to only be given to men. If you are a young woman on the fence about going to school, you should definitely consider all the upsides to the decision. 

You will have more options in a culture that favors men and be given more opportunities in fields women were usually omitted from. But if college doesn’t seem right for you, it isn’t the only way to get more career options.

If you want to lean into the jobs that have always been associated with women, there are more options than ever for you to take control of those careers. Female jobs like modeling and fashion are more user-friendly now. 

Sites like OnlyFans have been criticized for encouraging lewd behavior, but this sentiment might just be a form of anger towards women for capitalizing on their bodies. 

Women are now able to profit off of the jobs that used to give all the money to the men upstairs. Instead of cash flow going into a male manager’s pocket, women can model whenever they want, however they want. They get the majority of the money from this career now. 

Women should be able to thrive however they want in 2022, and this is because of the tremendous growth in technology during the information age. Whether you want to work from home, leave the house, or even raise a family, it’s important to make that decision on your own.

Women can choose to focus on homemaking, being married, working, or all of the above. Women all over America are discovering their dream jobs and what those pathways look like in the future.

The evolving economy we live in, along with the pandemic, has made creativity blossom like never before. Being confident in what you have to offer the world and yourself is the only way for sexism to disappear. We’ve made a lot of prgress, but there’s so much more to go. Strong women all over the world will continue to alter gender-stereotyping.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the car insurance site, He wants to help people understand the ways that insurance impacts people who are taking on new careers during the pandemic. 

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