The Best Student Residence Has These 8 Amenities

Students of this generation are pickier nowadays regarding on- or off-campus residences. But they have an excellent reason. Could you imagine yourself doing schoolwork while staying in a place that doesn’t provide you comfort and security? Likelier than not, the typical student will stress over the lack of amenities, which may affect their performance in school. Hence, they must stay somewhere that assures ease of living while studying. 

However, not all student residences are made equal, not even in the ones near Ivy League universities. When looking for dorms to stay in as you complete your degree, you must choose the one that provides you with the facilities the modern college student needs. Here’s a list of the amenities your student residence should have:

  1. High-Speed Internet Connection

It’s hard to deny how Internet-dependent most schools are lately. While libraries are still helpful, even they collect digital information which students can access via the Internet. A steady Wi-Fi connection is also practical for fun non-academic activities such as using streaming services and playing online games. 

The best student residences, like the Quad at York, provide fast and free Wi-Fi for all its constituents. A spotty, intermittent connection will cause issues with schoolwork where students need to communicate with classmates via chat or Zoom calls and collaborate on projects. Without a continuous Internet connection, you and other students will be forced to subscribe to individual hotspots, which can form a dent in phone bills.

  1. Security Features

Safety and security should be the priority in student residences. Unexpected, dangerous things could also happen in controlled environments such as university campuses. Thus, a student dorm or apartment must have 24/7 security and working CCTV cameras to protect everyone in the building. 

Additionally, an alarm system, fire escapes, and proper lighting in hallways and corridors will make students feel safer and their families assured. All residential rooms must also have secure locks and special compartments — preferably vaults — for valuable items. All these security features ensure the students’ comfort and well-being while they can focus on school and enjoy life at the university. 

  1. Commercial And Outdoor Establishments

Amenities for students shouldn’t only be limited to those inside the residential buildings. Most students like to spend their free time exploring places near and around campus. So, it’s an advantage to have commercial establishments near the dorms. Restaurants and stores attract people of all ages, including curious students. Hence, accessibility to these places is crucial. 

Aside from that, your campus residence should also have enough ample outdoor space for students to play sports, meet up, and breathe fresh air. Picnic tables, for example, encourage people to eat outside. In addition, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts are perfect for athletes or any student who wants exercise.  

  1. Study Spaces

All student residences should have ample quiet studying areas open 24/7. Not everyone prefers to study solely in their room. Sometimes, a change of scenery could help students attain more info from their textbooks. 

Plenty of tables and chairs in the dorms for solo or group study sessions will allow students to use their rooms solely for rest. You could eventually design your room to reduce stress since you’ll do schoolwork elsewhere. You’ll never want to do anything else in your room except getting enough sleep.

  1. Accessible Transport

Having the means to travel to and from school is essential, especially for dorms located off-campus. Therefore, if you end up in a student residence far from your university, the least it should have is access to public transport.  

The ideal time to get to school from your dorm via a bus should be less than 20 minutes. Thus, if your time traveling goes beyond this, you might want to stay elsewhere. Moreover, your residence could also benefit from pick-up points for Uber or Lyft and bike parking spots.

  1. Social Lounges

Many college students are social creatures and crave social activities after a grueling day of academics. Part of university life also includes getting to meet new people from different places and cultures. Therefore, having a lounge where students mingle and unwind is instrumental, too.  

Your student residence could have communal facilities like coffee tables, vending machines, and a pool table. Board games are also excellent in the lounge, so students can play with and befriend fellow residents.

  1. Laundry Facilities

One of the best parts about going to college is being more independent. But independence equals responsibilities, including doing your own laundry. If your residence doesn’t have a designated area for laundry, you’ll have to find a laundromat outside, which is an inconvenience for some. 

Student dorms should have enough washing machines and dryers for all their residents, or people with the same laundry schedule may fight for a spot. Furthermore, free detergent and fabric softener could also be available so that students can save extra cash from their allowance.

  1. On-Site Maintenance Staff

Even the best student residences aren’t perfect. Occasionally, you’ll hear reports of broken sink taps, busted electrical wiring, or an uncooperative heating system. Thankfully, these issues can easily be solved if there’s a maintenance crew on standby. 

Looking for a technician is hard enough. So, what more if you’re a busy student? If your dorms have repairers on-site, you’ll have more time to focus on your studies and less time worrying about faulty room lighting. However, it still helps to know some basic knowledge of home repairs, like maintaining your furnace, so you can fix and prevent simple technical issues from happening in the first place.

Safety And Comfort In And Out Of School

Finding the best student residence is just as challenging as choosing a university. But with this list of amenities your dorms should have, it’ll be more effortless on your part. 

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash