Why Women Who Wear Wristwatches are More Successful

While some people may believe in the extinction of wristwatches, they are in no way an obsolete accessory. Before wristwatches, there were pocket watches used by the soldiers of the First World War. During battles, it was found that wearing a watch on the wrist was easier and effective than taking it out from pockets to check the time. Watches helped soldiers largely in terms of synchronization of the time of the attack. However, until the Second World War, wearing a wristwatch was something that only women were supposed to do. 

Today, the reasons for wearing a watch are entirely different from when they were first debuted. Time has become money in literal terms. People are now realizing the value of time of their own and that of others more than ever before. However, clocks are ubiquitous on smartphones and people may wonder if wearing a watch still makes sense. It is true that the percentage of watch wearers has significantly decreased in the current decade. People are now replacing their watches with smartphones which tell them exactly what minute it is, down to the very thousandth of a second. 

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is, there are several sufficient reasons to keep wearing a watch in your personal and professional settings. Every consumer according to her budget should own one. There are many other reasons to wear a watch than just checking the time. In our view, wearing a watch has greater chances for women to be successful at work. If you are wondering how, then keep reading. 

  • They can easily impress an interviewer during a job interview

A job interview is a prospective employee’s only chance to leave a lasting impression. Co-founder of Manager Tools, Mark Hortsman, advises people to wear a watch while going for an interview. This is important because time management in an interview is critical. Checking the time on your watch in this manner is an inconspicuous move. Taking out your phone to check the time may seem rude and will give mixed messages to your interviewer. This, certainly, is a quick recipe to make a bad impression. 

On the other hand, wearing a watch, regardless of its style and brand, conveys to your interviewer that you prefer to follow time. It gives professional vibes from you to the person sitting across you. If you have not been following this tip, try it in your next interview and witness the magic.

  • They know how to adapt to the Wall Street

In specific businesses, wearing a decent watch is a vital method to indicate you are a part of the group. For instance, some who chip away at Wall Street admire buying vintage watches at sell-offs. Investment bankers also tend to go for high-end brands of wristwatches. Accept it or not, a watch is largely perceived as a status symbol on Wall Street – your choice of a watch will talk a lot on your behalf.

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  • Psychological benefits

Talking about feeling better, wearing a watch will do as much as bringing psychological benefits to your well-being. For most people, even their first wakeup of the day starts at a fixed time. While getting ready, they slip on that wristwatch which is sure to get their mood hyped up for the whole day. It can make you feel like yourself. You will not only act professional but also carry that same conduct wherever you go. When you act progressively professional and poised, success is certain to get right behind you. Budding employers love a self-assured disposition and you will love feeling as if you have the world in your grasp. 

  • Multi-task

If you want your watch to do more than just time telling, you can get one with a crew of extra bells and whistles. If you are a gym goer and work-out a lot, you should choose a watch that will follow your activity, keep a track of calories burned, and distance covered. If you are someone with lots of meetings during the workday, you can put on a watch that keeps giving you alerts at specific intervals throughout the day. If you are a social media junkie, you can stay connected to it using a smartwatch that will alert you about upcoming messages, notifications, and even phone calls. 

  • They are simple

A watch is a primary way to read time. Except if you have a smartwatch, your watch will not notify you about emails or come with apps. This actually builds your efficiency at work since it gets you rid of temptation and curiosity. With a smartwatch, you may only want to check the time but you will eventually end up peeking into other apps and doing socializing. This detracts you from your scheduled time that you could have spent working. 

Wearing a watch sticks you to your timetable and accelerates your work speed. Also, you never know when your manager is coming to check in on you. You would not want him to catch you while you are on your phone when you only picked it to see time. Basic is always preferred when it comes to your workplace.

  • They Make Great Heirlooms

Why keep all these incredible accessories to yourself when you can pass them down to your next generation in your family? For centuries, people are treating watches as family heirlooms. This, however, does not necessarily guarantee your success. Instead, it sets your whole family up for it. When your future children will wear it, it will also instill into them the values you left behind. 

If you are lucky enough to have a watch left behind by your ancestors, get it fixed and dusted off first. You will feel closer to your progenitors and possibly catch the vibes. To put it plainly, wristwatches can line up success for an entire age. Who might think such a little frill would have that sort of impact? 

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