Top Jewelry Trends for 2019

Shell – perhaps this trend reminds you of your youth when everything was about shells and how you could use them to adorn yourself. The good news is that the old trends are making a comeback. Cowrie shells can go well around the wrists and the neck. Couple them with other stones or metal and you have an interesting piece of jewellery right there. For example, a single cowrie shell can be the central piece in a bracelet of multi-coloured beads and baubles. Multi coloured cowrie shells also make for a good neckpiece. How about a whorl-filled shell that acts as a locket? String it on a silver chain and walk out with even more confidence.

Pearl – chances are, every year you’re going to see this particular item on a list of trends. Pearls never go out of style. This year too, they are a stylish jewellery trend.  They add themselves with ease and class to any jewellery. Think about a pearl stud or a pair of pearl drops. Pearls look good in silver and gold, so you can choose if you want to do a classic look with gold or a trendier feel with silver. Just shop around online to find the bestselling pearl jewellery.

Alternative materials – keeping with natural materials, wood is being used in inventive ways to create unique jewellery. It adds a new dimension to your jewellery. Taking a page out of the traditional book, designers are creating wooden payer bracelets, wooden chains and earrings. Bracelets can be of different shapes. Square and octagons work well. Glass and stone beads are also a part of this trend. Loop them around your neck, wear them as a hair ornament or around your ankle- they go well with everything. Enamel and bone works well too. 

Chunky jewellery – while the dainty look is still a choice for many, chunky jewellery is having its moment this year. This is especially true of thick chains. You’re going to see it in big necklaces, long thick earrings and heavy bracelets.  Gold might overwhelm, but you can get silver, if that works for you. 

Minimalism – yes, this contradicts the previous point. But that’s the beauty of jewellery. Contrasting styles can exist comfortably in a single space. So too is the case with minimalistic jewellery. Wear a thin bracelet or a delicate earring for a simple and elegant look. 

Floral designs – if you want to overmatch, then wear floral jewellery with floral prints! If you’d like it to not be overkill, keep your clothes simple and up the flower power in your jewels. Wear a silver and pearls flower shaped brooch for some old-fashioned pizazz, or suspend a flower hoop from your ears for a fun look. You can even go natural- some flowers look great as hair ornaments and looped around your wrist. 

Crystal – crystal will never go out of style, and it’s not hard to see why. It lends itself to the quintessential cocktail dress with such ease, that it’s a match made in heaven. Crystal speaks luxury and elegance. If you want a spin on this dimension, add some chandelier earrings to your basic t-shirt and jeans!

Image by Elle Stallings from Pixabay

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